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History of Nappco

Nation Paper Products & Printing Corporation (NAPPCO) began when an expanding market demand for paper products was answered by a hardy spirit of enterprise. Its humble beginnings can be traced to a small post in the Divisoria market, a bustling business hub at the heart of Manila.

napco factoryThe Birth of a Company

In the 1950's, a small paper trading establishment was prospering fairly well in the Divisoria market. The company was owned and operated by businessman Mr. Cheng Uh and his son, Mr. Cheng Tsu. Because business was doing well, the father and son, together with their friend, Mr. Barreto Sy, decided to expand the paper trading business into a paper converter and printing enterprise. The idea of NAPPCO thus came to be. In 1959, NAPPCO began operation with just one paper sheeting machine bought second hand from Japan. The purchase of printing press machines would soon follow.

Getting NAPPCO Up and Running

In order to get NAPPCO moving, close friends of the trio were tapped for investing capital. NAPPCO was established thanks to its incorporators, Mr. Ang Keak, Mr. Sy Lin, Mr. Sy Tan, Mr. Sy Tit and Mr. So. Mr. Cheng Uh became NAPPCO's first Chairman, Mr. Ang Keak was the first Vice Chairman, Mr. So was the first Treasurer and Mr. Barreto Sy was the company's first General Manager.


Today, NAPPCO is one of the major players in the paper business in the Philippines. It now has over 300 employees working over its day-to-day operations. As a leading paper merchant, NAPPCO possesses the knowledge and experience to answer the needs of its customers offering a range of products for a variety of job demands. Under the guidance of Mr. Cheng Tsu, the company's present Chairman, and Mr. Tan Tian Siong, the company's Vice Chairman and President, NAPPCO is moving towards the IT age where it becomes a source of information for its customers and suppliers, enhancing closer relationships and offering even better services.

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